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Thorsten Lösche

Over six years ago, my brother-in-law accepted a job offer at the Rift Valley Railways and settled in Kenya. A few months later, he put me in touch with Andrew and Claudia Stewart, the owners of the Mara Bushtops Camp in Maasai Mara, who were travelling in Germany at the time. I met them in Berlin in early 2011, and when they mentioned to me that they would like me to join their team at Mara Bushtops as a consultant chef, I was elated!

My employer at the time agreed to give me three months leave to travel to Kenya. This was, however clichéd it may sound, a dream come true! The vast African landscapes and abundant wildlife were a constant source of fascination for me as a child and now I was getting the opportunity to experience the magic of the wildebeest migration season!

In the blink of an eye, I was jetting off to a whole new world…the Maasai Mara. The three months I spent here were some of the best months of my life - I soaked in the five-star ambience of Mara Bushtops, and revelled in the breath-taking landscapes and natural beauty around me. From the kitchen, I gazed at herds of wildebeests, giraffes, and zebras, and at night, I heard the hyenas, lions and buffaloes roaring with all their might. It was an unbelievable experience.

Then of course there was the beautiful Kenyan lady who I met at the camp. She kept me coming back to Kenya for months to come even after my time at Bushtops was over, until I got the chance to stay for longer and make Kenya my new home.

In May 2013, I took over a German-owned coffee shop, Café Tasse, in New Muthaiga, Nairobi. This was the place where we first began baking our German-style sourdough breads and pretzels, and the idea had actually come from my sister who had noticed the lack of ‘proper’ German sourdoughs in Nairobi. Soon after, this became the main pillar of our business.

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As demand grew, there came a point where we had to decide how to proceed. The coffee shop, outside catering and bread-baking had become too much for our tiny kitchen. It’s funny how coincidences take place, but as I was thinking about the steps forward, some friends expressed the idea of setting up artisan bakery, focused on German-style sourdough breads. And there we had it, a few conversations later, I had made up my mind to close the coffee shop and shift my full attention to baking.

In less than three months, we were ready to bake. August 2016 saw the first breads rolling out of our kitchen, and our new bakery, located in the leafy fringes of Nairobi city-New Kitisuru, finally provided us with the opportunity to supply our freshly-baked, home-made rye sourdoughs and gluten-free products right to people’s doorsteps.


This is how it all began. Why don’t you watch the adventure unfold as you tantalise your taste-buds with our mouth-watering and nutritious goodies? Welcome to my world: ‘The German Bakehouse’… a little slice of Germany in Kenya.

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