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Our authentic German pretzels are the best in Nairobi. Made with a traditional recipe of a mix of white (wheat) flour, malt and a special lye solution, giving it a distinct and the golden brown colour.

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Farmers Bread & Farmers Sunflower Bread

The Farmers’ Bread is a 100% wheat sourdough bread. Farmer’s bread has a chewy crust and is the softest of all our breads.

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Rye & Rye Special Bread

The Rye breads are made with finely selected rye flour with a long fermentation time to give it a perfect sourdough finish. The Rye Special is made by mixing 70% rye and 30% wheat flour. Rye breads have a hard crust with a fluffy inside.

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Country Loaf

The Country Loaf is a mixed dough bread made of 30% rye and 70% wheat flour. Traditional country loaves are baked open, allowing them to blow up and get a fluffy inside.

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“Brötchen” are a must have in every German household, and traditionally come in many variations: wheat, whole grain with or without seeds, rye and wheat mixed rolls. Our breakfast rolls are available pre-baked.

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Gluten Free Breads

The Gluten Free breads are made from a "Farari" flour mix or pure buckwheat flour and corn flour mix. They contain 100g of mixed seeds (linseeds and sunflower seeds).

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Other Gluten Free Products

We offer a range of other gluten free products including pretzels, breakfast rolls, pizza bases and hot dog buns.

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Special Orders

We cater for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. Our range of products includes; flat breads, dinner rolls, bagels and many more.

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Dark Rye (1kg)  KES 500

Rye Special (1kg)  KES 450

Rye Special with Seeds (1kg/600g)  KES 550/400

Country Loaf (1kg)  KES 400

Farmers Bread (1kg)  KES 350

Farmers Sunflower Bread (1kg/600g) KES 450/330

gluten free products


Breakfast Roll  KES 50

Pre-Baked Breakfast Rolls (6pcs)  KES 250

Breakfast Roll with Seeds  KES 60

Bread Roll with Seeds  KES 60

Pre-Baked Breakfast Roll with Seeds (6pcs)  KES 280

Baguette  KES 180

Burger Buns  KES 60

Hot Dog Rolls  KES 50

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White Bread (800g/500g) KES 580/370

White Bread with Seeds (800g/500g) KES 600/400

Buckwheat Bread  KES 580

Burger Buns  KES 80

Hot Dog Rolls  KES 70

Pretzel  KES 120

Pretzel Roll  KES 100

Mini Pretzel Nuggets (1kg)  KES 1200

White Pizza Bases (3 pcs)  KES 250

gluten free products


Chocolate & Chocolate Chip Cookies  KES 350

Peanut & Chocolate Chip Cookies  KES 300

Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies  KES 350

gluten free products


White Pizza Bases 9 inch thin crust bases (3 pcs)  KES 180

gluten free products


Traditional Pretzel  KES 100

Pretzel Roll  KES 80

Mini Pretzel Nuggets (1kg) KES 1000

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*Gluten Free Products are made from Farrari flour consisting of amaranth, Japanese millet, buckwheat, water chestnut and cassava.
May contain minute traces of gluten.